Beaver Mountain Bison Hunt Rules

The hunt will take place at the Beaver Mountain Bison ranch outside Baker City, Oregon.

The raffle winner is responsible for contacting Beaver Mountain Bison and arranging a date for the hunt. Contact information will be provided to the winner by Grande Ronde Child Center.

The hunt must be completed within one year’s time of the drawing.  No hunts will be scheduled during the months of March, April, May and June.

Safety during the hunt is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the raffle winner agrees to abide by the hunt rules in effect on the day of the hunt and to follow the directions of the hunt director appointed by Beaver Mountain Bison.

The raffle winner and their party will be required to sign the waiver and release agreement provided by the ranch.  If the winner is a minor, an indemnification agreement must also be signed by the parent or guardian.

A back up shooter will be appointed at the hunt director’s discretion.

The hunt director will oversee a firearm safety and accuracy session prior to the hunt.

The raffle winner is requested to choose a mature bull or a young male as the selected animal for the hunt, rather than a cow.

The hunter’s party is limited to two persons. If the raffle winner is a minor, then the other party member must be the minor’s parent/guardian.

The raffle winner may forego the hunt and request Beaver Mountain Bison slaughter an animal on behalf of the raffle winner.

Assistance by Beaver Mountain Bison staff with butchering and up to $300.00 of the cost of cutting and wrapping the meat are included in the prize.

The head and/or hide are included in the prize if the raffle winner wishes to have them. However, processing and preserving of the head and the hide are the responsibility of the raffle winner and not included in the prize.