2013 Bison Raffle Info

Congratulations to Lyn Purvis of La Grande, Oregon.
Lyn’s name was drawn on September 27, 2012 from approximately 650 sold raffle tickets. She has won the 2012 Grande Ronde Child Center Bison Hunt Raffle. Lyn was very excited to have won the hunt and completed her hunt with Beaver Mountain Bison on December 7th, 2012. Check out the “2012 Raffle Hunt” page on this website for photos of Lyn’s hunt. Read about her hunt by clicking on “Bison Hunt at Beaver Mountain Bison” in the Recent Posts to the right.

Thank you from Grande Ronde Child Center for the support of everyone who purchased tickets for the 2012 Bison Raffle. While we didn’t sell as many tickets as we hoped, we sold enough to count our first Bison Hunt Raffle as a success.

The Bison Raffle is GRCC’s annual fundraising event. The 2013 Bison Raffle is now underway. Read on for all the details and to discover how to purchase tickets so you can participate!

Beaver Mountain Bison Ranch. These pictures are of the terrain of Beaver Mountain where the hunt will take place. The Beaver Mountain Bison View 2pictures below are of bison at the Beaver Mountain Bison ranch.

Questions about the 2013 bison raffle:

Is the bison alive? Yes, at the time of the raffle drawing the bison is alive.

Beaver Mountain Bison View 5

What do you do with a live bison? Come to Beaver Mountain Bison ranch and hunt it or have the ranch staff select one for you and put it in your freezer! (And your family and friends’ freezers!) Mount the trophy head! Tan the hide to make a blanket, robe, etc.! Use the wool for weaving! Or any of these you want to do! The winner of a raffle prize may also decline the prize. If you do so, the prize reverts to Grande Ronde Child Center’s ownership.

Beaver Mountain Bison View 4

Where is the bison now? The bison is one of about 40 head at Beaver Mountain Bison near Baker City, Oregon. At Beaver Mountain Bison, the bison herd roams freely on the approximately 1000 acre bison ranch. As the above pictures indicate, the ranch is covered with a mixture of grasses, sage, and timber. It contains gulleys and ridges, as well as open and timbered areas. The ranch has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The bison may be anywhere on the ranch, making this an exciting private bison ranch to hunt.

How do you get the bison if you win? The grand prize raffle winner may choose to hunt the bison themselves (see the “Beaver Mountain Bison Hunt Rules” post on the right above) or have it slaughtered for them. $300 towards cutting and wrapping are included in the prize package and the meat will be delivered to the butcher of the winner’s choice in Union County or Baker County, Oregon.

Which bison does the winner get? The grand prize raffle winner may choose the bison they want from the Beaver Mountain Bison herd. However, the owners request that the winner choose a male. The winner may choose a bison for the head and hide (a big bull?) or for the quality of the meat (a young bull?).

When is the hunt? The winner has one year from the time of the drawing to schedule the hunt. See the hunt rules for details.

Is a hunting license required? The bison are privately owned and are on private property. No hunting license is required.

What is included in the prize package? The grand prize winner gets to hunt the bison, if they choose, or have it slaughtered by the ranch staff. Also included is assistance with butchering, delivery of the meat to the butcher shop of the winner’s choice in Union County or Baker County, Oregon; $300 towards the cutting and wrapping of the meat; and the head and hide. The grand prize winner may choose any or all of the prize package. The prize package is worth approximately $5,000. The 2nd prize winner will receive a $400 gift card at Cabela’s, World’s Foremost Outfitters. The gift card may be used online, in store, or with catalog purchases. The 3rd prize winner will receive a $250 gift card at Ace Hardware. The gift card may be used at any participating Ace Hardware location.

How much for a raffle ticket? Raffle tickets are $20.00 each or 6 for $100.

A buffalo

Where can I buy raffle tickets?
For a mail in ticket order form, click here: Bison Hunt Raffle ticket order form 01-2013 Mail in orders must be received at the above address no later than September 4th, 2013 to guarantee being included in the drawing. You may also purchase tickets at Grande Ronde Child Center, 902 D Avenue, La Grande, Oregon during business hours. You may purchase tickets from members of GRCC’s staff and board of directors. We apologize, but we are no longer able to accept credit card ticket orders.

When is the raffle drawing? The drawing will be held September 7, 2013 at 8:00 PM during GRCC’s “Wild West Bison Burger Dinner and Auction.” The dinner and auction will be held at 61111 High Valley Road in Union, Oregon. Location and details of the drawing will be printed on your raffle ticket stub. You are welcome to attend the drawing in person with or without attending the dinner.

What is the money from the ticket sales used for? All proceeds benefit Grande Ronde Child Center’s mental health programs with children and their families. Grande Ronde Child Center serves children ages 4 to 12 years old. Many are survivors of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and other types of trauma. Whatever the causes, they suffer from such things as attention problems, emotional regulation problems, learning difficulties, poor friendship skills, expressive and receptive language issues. Grande Ronde Child Center’s goal is to help the children learn the skills they need to be successful in their homes, families, schools and every day lives.